Learn to play Metallica DVD – Volume 3

Lick Library ended a very guitaristic summer with the release of a new DVD for enthusiast players and Keith Hammett fans around the world. “Learn to play Metallica – Volume 3″ is now available on DVD, giving you the chance to discover and shred the hell of some legendary riffs.


Helping you learn these killer riffs is the highly respected thrash metal guitarist Andy James. Andy, fresh from appearing at Download this year with his band Sacred Mother Tongue, is the perfect guitar teacher; ready to show you each song note for note, in meticulous detail with the patience and willingness to not be concerned when you don’t get it right first time and need to rewind. Andy talks calmly, using straightforward explanations, and the split screen makes his hand positions easily observed. Techniques covered in these guitar lessons include basic licks, alternate picking and bending, with the main focus being metal rhythm.

Learn to Play Metallica Vol. 3 (RRP £24.99) guitar tuition DVD takes a look at five of the best loved Metallica tracks. From the 1983 album, Kill ‘Em All, Andy takes you through the solos and unusual bending of Seek & Destroy. Next come For Whom The Bell Tolls and Creeping Death from the 1984 Album Ride the Lightening and then Harvester of Sorrows from the …..And Justice For All album. The fifth track is classic Wherever I May Roam, from the Metallica (Or The Black Album).

Then once you have learnt all the songs you can play along to them at home with the Metallica Jamtrax Vol. 3.

Learn to play Metallica - Volume 3

Are you planning to buy this guitar tuition DVD or have you done that already? Share your thoughts!

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